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The 3 Most Popular Lottery Online Bet Types

charangobolivia – In general, Lottery online games must be familiar to lovers of lottery or dark lottery gambling because this game is a type of gambling game that has been very legendary throughout the world, especially in Indonesia, where this dark toto game has existed since a long time ago before it could be played online.

Lottery Online is an extension of online dark lottery where this game is closely related to calculating formulas to predict lottery output numbers. Maybe some of you who are reading this article still don’t understand how to play this online lottery gambling game, for that here we will provide a guide for beginners to be able to play lottery online gambling games which are very loved by gambling lovers from teenagers to young adults. mature.

The 3 Most Popular Lottery Online Bet Types

Before we explain the various types of bets that you can play, we will give one example of a trusted lottery online bookie in Indonesia, namely the togel online site which provides various types of lottery markets, including the Singapore Togel, Hong Kong Togel, Shanghai Togel, Sydney Togel, Togel Thailand, India Togel, Siam Toto Togel, Saigon Togel, Singapore 77 Togel, Magnum45 Togel complete with updated lottery numbers output which is also the official lottery site and has served thousands of members who are actively playing on the 52 lottery site.

For those of you who are already veteran lottery online gambling players, of course you are familiar with several types of bets which we will explain below because there are still many novice players who do not understand the types of bets available in togel online.

  1. Betting Togel 4D – 3D – 2D
    This type of bet has become one of the types of lottery online bets that are most interested in lottery gambling lovers because the number of prizes offered when they win this bet is very tempting. This 4D-3D-2D bet requires you to guess the possible numbers that will come out on the lottery market where you can place 2 Numbers (2D), 3 Numbers (3D) or even 4 Numbers (4D)
    An example is if you install:
    – 4D : 9869
    – 3D : 869
    – 2D : 69
    If the output number is 9869, then you are declared a winner and get the following payments:
    – 4D : Rp. 20.000,- x 3000 (Gift) = Rp. 60,000,000,-
    – 3D : Rp. 30.000,- x 400 (Prize) = Rp. 12,000,000,-
    – 2D : Rp. 100.000,- x 70 (Prize) = Rp. 7,000,000,-
    Then the total victory you get is Rp. 75.500.000,-
  2. Free Plug/Colok Bebas Togel Bet
    How to play this free plug-in lottery gambling is that the players must determine one of the numbers that has the possibility of coming out in the lottery market. This type of bet is also quite popular among gambling lovers because the system is very easy because players only need to determine 1 number to bet on.
    For example, if you place a bet on Number 7 for IDR 20,000 and the result of the lottery output is 8974 then:
    – You are declared a winner and get a prize of: Rp. 100.000,- x 1.55 (Prize) = Rp. 155.000,-
    – Conversely, if you lose, then you only have to pay the value of the bet that you placed and has been discounted.
  3. Bet Togel Colok Jitu 
    This type of bet is different from other plug-in lottery bets that do not have a number position. This bet is in accordance with the name Colok Jitu which is a togel online issuance that has its own order. For example, if the result of the lottery is 8419 where:
    – 8 = As
    – 4 = Copy
    – 1 = Head
    – 9 = Tails
    In order to win this type of bet you must be able to predict exactly which number will come out and in which position the number will come out.
    Here is the calculation if you managed to win this sharpshooter:
    – If the number issued is 7798 and you place a bet by choosing the number 7 with the As position, then you are declared a winner: Rp. 20.000,- x 8 (Prize) = Rp. 160,000,-

Those are the 3 most popular types of lottery bets that are widely played by lottery online gambling lovers around the world, especially in Indonesia. Immediately visit the 52Togel site to place lottery bets with various types of markets that you can play with only 1 User ID.

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