STOLEN: Over $ 100 worth of musical instruments taken from the New Orleans school.


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NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (WGNO) – A disheartening scene, dozens of valuable pieces of equipment have gone missing.

“Well, the first one thought, ‘Why and who? “Would be so flamboyant and so disrespectful to this institution and the children of the community,” asked Douglas Evans, CEO and President of the YMCA Dryads.

Caught in the middle of the night, officials said the robbery of the James Singleton Charter School library uncovered more than $ 116,000 in marching band instruments stolen.
When staff arrived at the building, they noticed someone had entered the building by kicking a side window.

“Very, very disheartening. At the end of the day, those who participate in these activities don’t care about the destruction and the hurt and the pain they cause,” Evans said.

This is not the first time that the school has suffered a break-in. In fact, this is the fourth in two months.

“It mostly hurts kids and their ability to stay positive,” Evans worried.

The suspects took away a wide array of instruments, totaling 56 captures. Keyboards, guitars, all brass.

“This level, in all of my 50 years, I’ve never faced something like this.”

School officials filed a report with the NOPD, but were told there was not much hope that the instruments would be recovered.
Thus, Evans is asking for help from communities in several ways. The first, to help catch the one who broke in. The second, with donations to help replace stolen items.

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