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Pretoria – Papi van Wyk, known as PabloSA, is already a household name in the South African music scene, but the producer and DJ is not resting on his laurels.

His last musical offering is a few weeks old and is blazing the airwaves, but that hasn’t stopped him from dreaming of collaborating with Sun-El Musician and making more music.

PabloSA is a DJ and music producer born and raised in Weilers Farm, South Joburg, also known as Grasmere.

For him, playing music is “like a huge emotional release”. “Music helps me open my mind and appreciate different styles of performance and the distinctive characteristics of people through their ways of expression, making the world more interesting than it already is,” he said. -he declares.

When asked what inspired him to venture into music, he replied, “Well, it’s hard to say, but (it) started to be a big part of my life too. sooner than I can remember.

PabloSA says performing for an audience is a huge emotional release for him. Image: Supplied

“I was always looking for new songs that affected me in a way that few other activities would. The more music I listened to, the more I wished I could express myself in the same way.

For PabloSA, the musical creation process begins with listening to a particular artist for inspiration. “And I like to browse photos of nature, beaches, cityscapes, etc. looking for inspiration.

“It has become normal for me to produce music consistently. “

He said there were a lot of fellow musicians he would love to work with, and more Sun-El Musician.

According to PabloSA, the style of music of the hitmaker “Akanamali” is unique, with emotional touches. “It speaks to the soul of a listener, and he is consistent in what he does.”

Besides Sun-El Musician, Van Wyk is inspired by Shimza and Mthandazo Gatya. But he reiterated, “Sun-El Musician is more of a producer for me. He is the best. His music heals the soul.

“When it comes to Shimza, he inspires me so much and other upcoming producers and DJs in the Afro House and Afro Tech genre. He is driven by passion and enjoys rocking crowds

“Finally, Mthandazo Gatya; Watching him grow up close to me in the music industry has helped me believe that if you work hard and love what you do, it will pay off someday.

“His music keeps growing and winning people’s hearts and minds. “

Van Wyk said he learned several life skills that made him effective as a musician.

Foremost among them is the ability to see the big picture. Others are time management, persistence, patience in problem solving, and the ability to think on the spot. These qualities have become his way of life, he told the Pretoria News.

Musically, he said patience, learning to listen, self-awareness, organization and creativity.

His latest project Afro House Ancient Reborn EP has five snap tunes – African Stories, Rescue Mission, Xibelani, The Tunnel and Passion Of Christ.

He worked with two talented producers from Limpopo and Gauteng. He said: “This EP defines the true sound roots of Africa; the history of our African soil.

“It heals and it’s made for everyone to express their feelings through the dance floor. PabloSA – Ancient Reborn EP is available in digital stores around the world.

“The feedback is incredible and I’m happy with it. The PabloSA brand is growing and attracting many fans not only in South Africa, but around the world since the release of the project.

PabloSA said he was already working on new music and some collaborations, remixes and “ghost production”. He will also be releasing a free EP to show his gratitude to all who have supported Ancient Reborn.

His message to those who wish to venture into the industry is: “First of all, make sure you have a way to earn a living or a daily job.

“You have to have a goal and a plan. Treat your music like a business. Keep making music and improving your art.

“Establish your brand identity and learn the basics of music copyright laws. Invest in yourself and reinvent yourself over and over again.

He further called on industry leaders to give more opportunities to future producers. “There are some very talented individuals here who are just waiting for a chance to take the South African music scene to the next level.”

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