Ludacris donates $ 75,000 of musical equipment to Florida high school


Ludacris has partnered with Stubhub to give back to South Florida high school students. StubHub’s #TicketForward program is a collaborative initiative with Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation that plans to invest $ 3 million in music programs at various public schools.

The “Stand Up” rapper made a surprise visit to Hialeah-Miami Lakes High School to donate $ 75,000 worth of music equipment to the students.

“I understand the importance of music education,” Ludacris said. ” It is very important for me.

“It’s $ 75,000 worth of equipment, so that being said, we just know the impact it’s going to have,” he continued.

Kevin Segura, the school’s group principal, hopes the new equipment can improve their sound in every way possible.

“We have instruments held together with duct tape, they don’t move, they get bumped,” Segura said. “So these instruments are going to improve our sound and motivate the kids to want to make a band, so hopefully I can build this program to what it used to be.”

Ludacris thanked Segura for his hard work and offered him tickets to Sunday’s Super Bowl game (February 2).

“I’m really, really excited to go to the game,” Segura said. “I didn’t think I would go, so it was a nice surprise for me.

“If it weren’t for people reaching out to me and giving me that confidence, I wouldn’t be here today,” Ludacris said. “If you’re knocked down nine times, you get up 10. Just keep going.” “

The students were delighted with the huge donation.

“Honestly, it was crazy. Like, I’m still speechless about it, especially with the instruments. I just saw Ludacris. I’m very excited, ”said Juan Sola, a student at the school.

Watch the video below of Ludacris surprising the high school kids below.

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