Job hunting: writing stories and music for children; Game company operator; Manager at Sanctuary Restaurant and Bar


Who wants to spend their days in Beijing locked in a boring, dead-end job, with horrible coworkers you’d rather never see again? As a beloved reader, you should know that you do not have to submit to a life of such unbearable sadness. Instead, take a look below for the best of our work. offers.

Writing stories and music for children
A company named Playbook is looking for up-and-coming Beijing-based writers and musicians to write stories and songs for children’s books. Successful applicants will be native English speakers, have proofreading and writing experience, and be experienced in music writing, in addition to being based in Beijing.

Game operator
A games company called FunPlus, headquartered in Beijing and San Francisco, is looking for game operators in the Chinese capital who speak Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Dutch, Norwegian, and English. The job posting reads: “FunPlus is looking for game operators to work in the operations team, our large international team that develops 20 languages ​​and over 26 different nationalities. At the start the operators will be trained to be in charge. of three main working points:
– Customer service:
Assist and resolve user questions submitted to our CS channels and report to the game studio
– Community manager:
Manage daily outgoing communications
– Location & Test:
Translate from English to one of the following languages: Italian / Spanish / Portuguese / English / Japanese / Russian / Korean / Turkish maintaining the playstyle and test in-game to make sure the translations are displayed and spelled correctly . “

Restaurant manager at Kara Brouillette Sanctuary
Butcher Brouillette Project Founder Kara Brouillette is looking for a Manager for her Late Night Sandwich Sanctuary (formerly Constellation, check out our review of the location here). His job posting states that the “qualified candidate would be the overall management of the house. This position is not difficult and does not require sophisticated hotel experience or anything. In fact, we just need someone. one who is creative, who is willing to learn and is good with customers. ” She is also looking for candidates with some restaurant experience, a strong willingness to learn and good communication skills.

Content Marketing Manager at TrueRun Media
True Rune Media – the parent company of the Pekingese, the beijinkids and the Jing Kids– Looking to hire a Content Marketing Manager (CMM) to lead the production of branded digital content for its publications. Responsibilities include:
-Drove content marketing campaigns from conceptualization to execution.
-Coordination with writers, designers and photographers.
-Participate in sales pitches.
-Maintain and develop the marketing content creation process.
-Recruit and train freelancers and future hires for digital campaigns.
– Regularly generates insights and analytics reports for relevant digital content and communicates with sales.
-Perform regular trainings and briefings for internal departments on data, trends and processes.

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