Combination of Poker Online Cards to Win Jackpot

charangobolivia – Before playing poker online, of course you have to know the combination of poker cards that are the basics of this game. That’s about the various rules that apply, the requirements in online poker gambling games and card combinations that can make players win at the game table starting from the highest arrangement to the lowest arrangement.

In addition to knowing the basic rules of this game, of course you also have to know the various bonuses available on this site. What I will discuss this time is about the jackpot bonus. Where these prizes can be given to players who already have jackpot tickets and at the same time have a combination of card combinations that have been determined in this game.

Want to know what poker card combinations have the chance to get a jackpot bonus when playing idn poker online? Here is the arrangement of poker card combinations that you must have.

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4 Best Poker Online Card Combinations

  1. Super Royal Flush
    Super Royal Flush is a special card combination arrangement where the player must get this combination through the first 5 cards.
    That is, the 2 cards in the hand are combined with the first 3 cards opened by the online poker dealer on the game table by forming a combination of Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 cards with the same symbol.
    To get this card combination is quite difficult, but if you manage to have the combination then by having a Gacor Easy Win slot jackpot ticket you can get a profit of up to 30,000 times the value of the jackpot ticket you have.
  2. Royal Flush
    For the next card combination that has the opportunity to produce a jackpot bonus is the Royal Flush.
    In this combination, the player is required to have 2 cards in the hand which are combined with 3 cards at the table.
    Where the five cards have been exposed on the table by forming an arrangement similar to a super royal flush.
    Namely Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10.
    If you manage to do this setting, then the big profit you can get is 10,000 times the value of the ticket jackpot that you have.
  3. Straight Flush
    For the arrangement of this combination to form a row of numbers with the same flower.
    For example, in the arrangement of cards with love flowers in the order of 7, 8, 9, 10, J, and Q.
    This arrangement will result in a jackpot bonus of up to 1,200 times the value of the bet placed.
    Because players only need to have a card arrangement with the same 4 numbers with 1 high value card with a different interest.
    This arrangement of cards will provide a jackpot bonus opportunity with a nominal value of up to 250 times the value of the jackpot ticket you have.
  4. Full House
    Among the four card arrangements that have been mentioned, the full house combination is very easy to have.
    Because this arrangement consists of 3 cards of the same value with two cards of the same value with different flowers.
    As in the arrangement of card combinations 7, 7, 7, K, K, K with different flowers.
    The jackpot bonus obtained from this card arrangement is 10 times the value of the jackpot ticket owned.

That’s a brief review of poker online card combinations that can bring jackpot bonuses.
If you do not have the opportunity to have the highest card combination to win at the game table.

Jackpot bonuses from poker online such as in idn poker agent that will make it easier for you to win the game.
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