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Basic Terms of Texas Holdem Poker Online Game IDN Play

charangobolivia – Hi, texas holdem poker online lovers, on this occasion I will briefly discuss the basic terms in texas holdem idn online poker. Surely you are curious right?

Poker itself has several types of games in it, one of which is texas holdem poker online, ceme online, mobile ceme, capsa susun, super10, super bull and many others. In this texas holden poker online gambling game there are terms that you must know to be able to play this game correctly.

Right now I will try to describe it simply and precisely so that it is easier for you to understand and can immediately practice it on the best and most trusted idn poker play agent site.

The Texas Holdem poker online game does not distinguish the strength of the card based on the symbols on the card. The four card symbols have the same value, which is 9.

Several Levels of Value in Texas Holdem Poker Online

There are 13 levels of value in the texas holdem poker online, namely the card values ​​in each symbol starting from the smallest to the largest. The smaller the card value, the more difficult it will be to win, and vice versa if the card value is bigger.

The consecutive card values ​​are as follows, namely 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. The last four card values ​​can be counted as 11, 12, 13, and 14, but A which is worth 14 has a privilege because under certain conditions it can be considered as worth 1.

Terms In Texas Holdem Poker Online

The following are some terms regarding the Texas holdem poker online gambling game:

  1. Blinds: A forced bet, because the player must be in a certain position and if the player is sitting next to the dealer, then this bet must be wrong before the cards are dealt.
    There are 2 kinds of blinds in this game, namely the Big Blind and the Small Blind.
  2. Stakes: Bets made based on the size of the blinds.
  3. Chips: A tool as a substitute for real money that is exchanged to bookies before participating in online poker gambling games.
    These chips have a value equal to the intrinsic value in real money and can be cashed back to the dealer if the player has finished playing.
  4. Pot: A collection of chips from other players placed in the middle of the game table so as not to mix with the stacks of the players.
  5. Community Cards: Community Cards, also known as Boards Cards, are 5 cards that are opened in the middle of the game table and these cards are the common property of all players.
    These five cards are not opened simultaneously, but are divided into 3 stages of opening.
    – Stage 1 will open 3 cards called Flops.
    – The 2nd stage will open the 4th card called Turn.
    – 3rd stage will unlock uke-5 kart called River.
  6. Hole Cards: Hole Cards are 2 cards that are distributed to the players and this card will be matched with the community card in the middle of the game table and then you must have the best 5 cards as your handle to win this game.
    Call, Raise, Fold, Check and All In These are terms that are often used by players in placing bets during the game.
    – Call: You place a bet equal to the bet of the player to your right.
    – Raise: You place a bet with a certain value
    For example: 2x, 3x even more than your opponent’s bet amount.
    – Fold: This term is used if you want to end the game and usually this option is used by players who feel they will lose the game.
    – Check: If you do not call and follow, then Check is useful for you to continue playing without increasing the value of your bet.
    – All In: You place all the chips in the bet of the game. Or if your chips are bigger than your opponent’s then the bet you place is the opponent’s bet.

Well, that is the term in the Texas Holdem poker online game that is not widely known by poker gambling players and I have explained briefly to make it easier for you to understand.
Hopefully useful for those of you who still can’t win the game and get real money online jackpot!
Have a good time ️😉

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