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3 Tips to Win Playing Roulette Casino Online

charangobolivia – Hello online gambling friends, today we will share tips to be able to win the roulette casino game at live casino online which are in great demand by online casino gambling lovers around the world, especially in Indonesia. Playing casino gambling games through the internet today provides a very important role for all official and trusted online casino agents.

In this digital era, by just entering a few words in a search engine like Google, you can immediately get lots of articles appearing, for example, like you are looking for tips on playing roulette situs judi togel online on Google, there will be lots of articles or blogs that will discuss regarding tips for playing roulette casino online, besides that the official casino site will also provide various other types of games besides online casinos, namely online slots, online poker, online lottery and also online sportsbooks.

Formulas and Tricks to Play Roulette Casino Online

Below we will share some formulas or tricks for playing roulette casino online that are very easy to understand even for novice players, which are as follows:

  1. Black or Red, Odd or Even, 1-18 or 19-36
    The main thing you have to do when playing online roulette casino is if you lose on the first bet, then on the second bet you have to place a bet value of 2x your first bet.
    Example: If you place a bet of 100 thousand rupiah on Black and the color that comes out in that round is Red, then you are declared defeated and must pay the value of the bet you bet at the beginning. Then in the second round you have to place a bet of 200 thousand rupiah on Black and the color that comes out in that round is Red, then the total loss you get is 300 thousand rupiah. In the next round you place a return bet of 400 thousand rupiah on Black and the color that comes out in that round is Black, then you have won 800 thousand rupiah and including the initial capital that you previously spent.
  2. Statistical System
    In this trick to win playing roulette casino online, players are also required to use the “Wait and Hunt” trick by choosing a number from the line, for example: 5, 16, 18, 20, 24, 30, 34 and you can place a bet on the same number up to the number you choose comes out in 8 rounds of the game, then after 8 rounds are completed then you must immediately end the hunting transition.
  3. Watch closely the last 4 numbers in 3 repeated rounds
    In this one trick you have to keep an eye on the last 4 numbers in 3 rounds, for example on Black/Red, Odd/Even or 1-18/19-36 in each of the last 4 numbers that come out.

Those are the tips to be able to win the roulette casino online gambling game, very easy to understand, right? If you experience problems while playing this roulette casino online gambling game, you can directly contact Customer Service on the Livechat feature that has been provided on the main page of the trusted agen casino online site Pialasport.
Happy playing and have fun! 😊

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